What is Operation Pokestop Rock?

Operation Pokestop Rock was started originally by Team Firestorm and has since become it's own project!  

In the Pittsburgh region we have a large group of Ingress Agents over level 10 that use their Ingress submissions to create new Waypoints for Ingress, Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite - but with a specific focus to improve the overall Augmented Reality Map within the Pittsburgh Region.  

The Operation Pokestop Rock Crew wants to hear from all our amazing trainers in the Pittsburgh Augmented Reality Gaming Community on where we should focus our submissions next!

If you have a good idea for a Candidate fill out our candidate submission form and if it meets the criteria one of our Operation Pokestop Rock Crew will go and check it out for submission through Ingress.

Our very own Operation Pokestop Rock team Captain, GearGlider,  has put together this great guide on what makes an awesome candidate for you to reference.

Submitting this form does not guarantee your Candidate will be submitted. It is subject to the Candidate's quality, submitter availability, and other factors.

Check out the map of current submissions here