Three Games: One Dream
Have Fun, Make Friends, Play Games
About Team Firestorm

Our Dream

To have fun, make friends, and get out from behind our phones!  We're open to all players, all levels, all teams, all Augmented Reality platforms.  We just want to become the team you pick when you want to make friends while out enjoying your favorite Augmented Reality Game!

While we may have gotten our start as a collaboration between Pokemon Go's Team Valor (fire) and Team Instinct (storm), Team Firestorm has made many friends along the way - Mystic, Resistance and Hufflepuff alike.  Regardless of our in-game teams, or even your choice in Augmented Reality Games, Team Firestorm members are all working toward one goal – getting out from behind the phones and making some friends!

Team Firestorm celebrates Community day

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Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Get out from behind the phone

Our team works hard to create an inclusive environment that encourages all of our gaming friends to get out from behind their phones and form genuine friendships.

We accomplish this by creating in game events (mostly focused on Pokemon Go) where people have an excuse to meet up and connect without the phones in the way.

Upcoming Team Firestorm Events

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